Neighborhood going downhill?

I’ve always loved where I live. Pretty peaceful and safe. The last couple of years though I’m starting to see a lot of changes. There have been a number of unsavory looking characters around. At 2:30 this morning my boyfriend and I were woken from a sound sleep by squealing car tires, and then someone shouting expletives and derogatory phrases, followed by a couple loud bangs which I thought were gun shots at first. We peeped out the front window, and there was a young girl walking down the street. Behind her were 4 young guys. One of them was yelling at her to stop and come back. Apparently, the loud bangs were rocks being thrown from the vehicle that had driven past. The rocks were aimed at the people, but I guess they hit one of the houses or cars parked on the street. I am not sure what happened to the girl, she kept walking. The guys followed her halfway down the street, then they turned around and came back our way. Still being very loud. We were ready to call the cops, when they showed up. They talked to the guys for a few minutes and then sent them on their way. I’m not sure exactly what went on, but what in the world are kids doing out at 2:30 in the morning anyhow?? I say kids, but they were really older teenagers I guess. I used to feel safe walking to the 24 hour grocery store after dark. It’s only 5 minutes away, afterall. But recently, I have not been feeling very safe. Call me paranoid, but when my boyfriend is out of town, I absolutely cannot sleep unless I have checked all the closets, behind all the doors, and wedged my cedar chest in between the door and my couch to barricade myself in. I don’t even like to sit on the back porch anymore for fear someone will be hiding in the yard and climb up after me (I am on the second floor - I think this fear stems from a psycho ex-boyfriend who climbed up on the porch :rollseyes:). I keep police grade pepper spray next to the bed and my 24 inch cast iron skillet on the stove incase anyone decides to come up on the porch and bust the window on the kitchen door and try to get in. I figure I can at least try to whack the sense out of them long enough for the cops to arrive. Maybe I am being a bit silly about all this, but after what happened this morning, I am wondering if I should get some extra locks for the doors, just to be sure. Is it abnormal to be this paranoid?

Oh wow, what a horrible situation! :hug: I’m so sorry you’re feeling so vulnerable [I]in your own home.[/I]

Have you tried talking to the police to see if there’s an increase in crime in your neighborhood? I think you can check those stats online, too, but I can’t remember the name of the site.

I know some police departments will also send someone out to do a security check of your home to see where you need to make some changes, like changing locks, securing windows better, that kind of thing.

Just talking to someone in law enforcement will likely make you feel much better. Plus knowledge is power, and you’re obviously feeling pretty powerless right now. :heart:

Is it abnormal to be this paranoid?

You’re not paranoid. You have good reason to be concerned. This world isn’t safe for any woman. (I’m gonna get flamed for that, I know, but I stand by it).

Have you considered owning a firearm and learning how to use it, if necessary? That could really give you an advantage if you need to defend your life in your own home.

Good locks are important. They’re only effective if you use them [B][I]all the time[/I][/B]. I can’t tell you how many people in my community have become crime victims because the criminal entered through an unlocked door.

I’m glad you’re thinking about this now, before the worst happens.

Thanks to you both Angelia and zazzu. I will check my community website to see what there is about crime rate, etc. I always make sure my doors/windows are all secure. I have seen a tv show about former thieves who break into peoples houses (with their permission) to show them how easy it is and how they can improve security, and it amazes me how many of those people leave doors and windows unlocked. You’ve both made me feel better! :hug:


Keep us posted on how things are going!

:pout: I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this.

Obviously you’re not the one who feels this way seeing as though the cops showed up.

Just FYI, if the kids were above curfew age and the cops didn’t see any crimes being committed, without someone who can testify as to what they saw, the kids won’t be charged with anything.

“Anonymous” complainants are very common, but do little to help us if we get there and nobody’s there or nobody is doing anything wrong.

Good luck, stay safe. :heart: Keep all doors and windows locked. This goes for your vehicles too. I’ve taken SO many reports of burglarized vehicles where the person not only left valuables in the front seat of the car, but also left it unlocked. :wall: Times have changed…people have to realize this.

Being aware at what’s going on around you isn’t paranoid. It’s smart. But, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Keep in mind that teens have been sneaking out of the house for generations. I’ll use the movie “American Grafitti” as evidence.

My best friend and I “borrowed” her dad’s Karmin Ghia (is that spelled right?) when we were 16. We pushed it down the driveway before starting it up. We were out all night and would’ve gotten away with it - 'cept we couldn’t push it back UP the driveway :wink: