Neeedles on sale!

Oh my, Knitpicks has all needles on sale up to 20% off. Now my only problem is which set of interchangeable sets should I get? Hmmm might have to get both the Options Sunstruck Wood and the Nickel Plated. :happydance: Just wanted to post the sale in case others are looking for needles at a good price.

If I get to knit picks by clicking the ad here does KH benefit?

Yes, if the ads work by sending business then KP will continue to buy the ads which directly benefits KH.

I wish I had frequent this forum earlier. I saw that Knit Picks had a sale their needles in another forum and I went to Knit Picks and ordered the nickel plated set along with a couple of balls of the yarn for my grandson’s Christmas gift and several notions that I wanted more of.

I succumbed and ordered the Sunstruck interchangeable set. I’ll be so glad when they get here.

I prefer the np to knit with, but I do have a few harmony and sunstruck… Love the sunstruck!

I’m actually knitting in the round on 2 circular needles and one is Harmony and the other the nickel plate. It’s the sharper tip on the wood ones that tipped the scale. I like them both a lot.

[B]We think alike![/B] I do the exact same thing!.. use Harmony for one of the circs, and NP for the other when I’m using the 2-circs method of knitting in the round! I really prefer the 2-circs over any other in the round method.

Two different types of needle always tips me off where the beginning of the round is. I always lead off with NP, and finish the round with Harmony.

Well, I went with the Sunstruck. I have several size Addi Clicks circular already and I do have wooden circ but not enough sizes so that is what decided it for me. I tend to use my wooden circs more too. Cannot wait for them to come in.

I’m flattered! Thank you. Actually I prefer using magic loop because I only have two tips to think about. I’m so easily distracted I find myself knitting with the wrong tip and then I have to tink. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to sort out the arms of an octopus. I don’t have a cable to allow me to do ML right now so I had to do two needles. It turned out to be the perfect way to compare side by side and decide which I really prefer. Sunstruck won because I decided the wood is better for me and I wanted the lighter color. I’ve not done much on dpns but I guess at some point I will need to since I have a habit of having cables and tips tied up in different projects.

I started on two circs, but then I had to always have two sets! It was cheaper and easier to just learn ML. :lol: Now I prefer it.

I got my Sunstruck needles! They’re beautiful! I can hardly wait to use them. Thanks for the head’s up on the discount.