Needs some help with my first hat

why hello all!

I’m knitting my first hat and it’s only my second project.:stuck_out_tongue: So I’m still very new to this… I mostly crochet. Now I am ready to start my decreasing, do I have to put it on the DPNs right now?
In the pattern doesn’t tell me when to switch.

Also when I start doing that do I just repeat the pattern untill the start (first stitch) marker?

Thanks! Any help would be great!

Whether or not you switch to dps is up to you. I don’t usually switch until my circular needle is not usable/to big for the amount of stitches. A look at the pattern or link to the pattern would really be helpful. Some patterns tell you what stitch to use when decreasing. Are you knitting from the top of the hat down or from the bottom up to the crown. Usually most of the hat can be done on circs until you get to the top and you have so few stitches left. The pattern would be really helpful in helping you.

It’s on Ravelry, I’m not sure if you have one or not. I tried to copy and paste the pattern but I’m not able to so here’s the link to my project :

I may try that then. I want to remake the hat b/c I messed up a few times in the hat but it’s not bad for being my first hat. :happydance: My husband doesn’t mind which is good since it’s for him.

It’s from the bottom up btw.


the first decrease row says: “k1, k2tog, k1, p4” – so do that one time then keep repeating the whole set of instructions until you get around to the marker again.

You probably can stay with the circular needle for a quite a few more rows. I stay w/circs as long as I can since it is much easier to work with circs then dbl pts.

Thank you! Now I can keep with it and know I’m not doing it wrong, I didn’t want to keep on and have to take it out and all. Thanks again!

You can just start knitting with a dpn when the sts don’t fit around the circ well, you don’t have to ‘move’ the sts to them. And even then, you can try this method to continue knitting on the circ for a few more rounds. You can even knit with a couple of the dpns and the circ in combination too.

awesome thanks! Oh! When I move then the stitches have to be equal right? Like the number on each needle? Sorry I’m so new at this! Thanks ladies! :cool:

They don’t have to be equal, but they should be similar because you don’t want them to pull unevenly, plus it’s easier when decreasing.

I put markers between decreases (if they are several stitches apart) so I only have to figure out where to do it once. Whatever your method keep track.

Thanks! Awesome! Tomorrow I should be able to switch to the double pointed, I’m at that point now. I’m really excited/nervous about it! lol. I just don’t want to mess it up.

How did you have the Ravelry button at the bottom of your message?

Here you go. :thumbsup: