Needs help adding on different yarn

Hey guys…I’ve been knitting for two years and I still have trouble adding on a different color yarn when i’m finished with the part i was working on.
Advice please?
Thanks :slight_smile:

First, may I say that I love your screen name? That is my favorite movie. :slight_smile:

There are a few methods of joining new yarn- the videos here do a better job of explaining than I can, so I will just suggest that you check the joining a new ball videos and the intarsia videos on this site for help.

OH, and welcome to KH! :slight_smile:

Aww thanks dear! I’ll check it out…
And yes that is also my favorite movie… :slight_smile: audrey hepburn is my all time favorite…which is odd for a person my age lol

Audrey Hepburn is awesome, no doubt about it. I’m 33, don’t know if it’s odd for my age, though. :slight_smile: