I am trying to knit an afghan with 84 stitches on #17 circular needles. Since it does not loop can I use straight needles? Will 84 stitches fit on straight needles? Thanks!

The advice I’ve seen around here is to knit afghans on circulars instead of straights. The reason being that afghans are heavy so it’s preferable to have the majority of it sitting on your lap instead of on your needles.

Yep, you can knit a straight piece of circular needles, just don’t join the “round.” Imagine the weight of an afghan hanging off the end of straight needles!!! It might help too, if your pattern calles for even/odd rows or ws/rs (I’d thenk an afghan would be reversible, but you never know) to make one end of the needles so you know that if the marked needle end is in your left hand you are working an odd row, or whatever… just slip a marker on your needle three stitches from the end to remind you, that’s what I do.