I have a pattern for a sweater that calls for worsted weight yarn that gauges 4 st to 1 in on a size 10 needle. I’m wondering if I can change needle size for some yarn that I have that is 5 st equals 1 in on a size 7 needle. I like the pattern that I found, and I really like the yarn that I have. Is there any way I can use this yarn on the pattern that I have? The yarn says 1 1/4 oz. per skein. Thanks for the help ( I hope):yay:

It’s not that simple. You really need to do a gauge swatch to see how your gauge works with the pattern. Yardage is also easier to figure out than oz.

Post a link to the pattern if you can.

Thanks for the reply. The yarn does not have a yardage number. The pattern is found at

Try swatching the yarn you have on a size 8 needle and see if that gets you 4sts per inch.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Thanks for the help.

Cute sweater!

What is the name of the yarn you want to use?

It’s Michelle by Jaeger. I think it’s cute too.

Cute pattern. If you do more sts/in your sweater will be smaller. You really do want to make gauge.