Why do my needles get lose when I am knitting. I am using needles with different size needles with a cord I have to attach to them. I am knitting in the round but I have to stop all the time to tighten up the needles or I lose my work. Please help.

You must not be tightening them up enough at the join. There should be a little ‘key’ that came with the needles; stick that in the hole and twist the cord. If you can’t find the key, use a paperclip, and it sometimes helps to use a rubber jar grip to hold the base of the needle as you tighten up.

What brand are you using? If it’s ones that screw on you use a rubber band, jar grip or one of those rubber shelf liners cut into squares. I use the latter.

I think it’s more a problem with some knitters and the way they knit, too.