I have read in more than one place that needles have blunt or more pointed tips. I haven’t seen anything like that on the needle packages. How can I tell which ones are blunt verses which ones are pointy?

I have never liked knitting on large needles because I had a hard time getting the large needle under the yarn. I always thought that it was becasue the bigger needles had blunter points. If I could find bigger needles with more of a point I might be able to knit things that called for bigger needles. And my knitting would go faster and I might actually be able to finish my holiday knitting early, well on time.


I think it’s more of a brand thing than a style. I’ve never seen anything labeled as blunt or pointy, nor has it been a selling point. I love my Addis, but there have been times I’ve had to switch to another brand because the tips were pointier. I think the Susan Bates tend to be pointier, and there may be other brands that I haven’t used.