Any ideas/tips/tricks for when you have multiple projects that need the same size needles. Besides finishing the first project!! :teehee:

:rofl: buy another set of interchangeables :shrug: for Christmas I’m getting the options they are wrapped and under the tree… this way I can fill them up… then my Denise’s… then the boyes… then use regular store ones I have… :roflhard: :rofl: :oops:

I will also put some items on scrap yarn to free up a needle if I have to and then place the unfinished object in a ziploc bag to keep it safe…

I have two circulars in nearly all the sizes I own, which helps. Sometimes I still have to put things on stitch holders so I can pull out a needle to use for something else.


I would switch to another interchangeable set, if you have one. If not , you could buy some more plain circular needles

situations like this is how i ended up buying 2 sets of denises :rofl:

Get the Knit Pick Options interchageable set and order extra tips in the sizes you use most often. They sell the tips separtaely so it is easy to do. I use size 5 - 8 frequently so Iordered extra tips for each of those sizes. You can also do this with the Denise set if you order directly from them.

If you use interchangeables, you could just buy lots of cables (and end cap thingies if they don’t come with). The needles only have to be attached when you’re knitting, and can be easily moved between projects, so there really isn’t a need for more than one set of each size unless you do a lot of two-circ knitting (IMO).

That’s pretty much what I do, Jane, and my Options are so awesome for Magic Loop that I don’t need 2 circs at all anymore.

You can also pick up some “extras” for the Boye interchangeables set***; my Hobby Lobby stocks them, and no one piece costs over $2.99. They sell needle tips in most sizes, cables in 3 lengths, and an accessories pack that includes 2 end buttons and 2 cable-joiners. If I didn’t have time to wait for a Knitpicks order (shipments from them take a while to get to me), that’s what I’d use.

It’s an especially good idea to pick up some when they put all knitting needles on for half off, which is usually once every 2-3 months. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, they sell online at:

***You don’t have to own a set to use them; everything you need comes with.

Find an interchangeable set you like and buy duplicate cords and button ends. This way you can “cap” off the ends, and use the tips and a free cord on another project. I like to attach a whole-punched 1/4 index card with: pattern name, book/magazine page if applicable, needle size, and last row/repeat knitted.