Hi again - my tension square measures 9.5 x 9.5 iso 10 x 10. It says if its smaller switch to finer needles. Must I go from 4mm needles to ?? If I stay on 4mm needles, will it make much of a difference ? Thanx.

If your tension square is smaller than the pattern square recommends you would go to larger size needles. That said, the best way to measure tension is not edge to edge on a square but over the middle 10cm. For that reason, it’s recommended to knit a tension square larger than the pattern tension.
So if the tension is 20sts/10cm, cast on 25sts so that you can measure over the center of the square, excluding the smaller edge stitches. You can measure now over the center 5cm and see what tension you’re getting.
Whether the difference matters depends on what you’re making. What is the name of your pattern?

Hello and thank yu for replying.

It’s a King Cole pattern No 3018. I am making the 71 - 76cm size in the v neck.
The pattern says…
If there are less sts to 10cm than the number stated, change to finer needles.
If there are more sts to 10cm than the number stated, change to larger needles.

I would have thought it would be the other way round.
The band on the wool says 22sts and 30 rows to give 10 x 10cm.
The pattern says 22sts and 28 rows but I am not using king Cole dk. The wool is called Paintbox.
My grandson is a small 10 year old so if it’s smaller it won’t matter.

Tomorrow I will redo the square as yu suggested. Thank yu.


You don’t need to re-do the swatch. Just measure over the middle 5 or 7.5 cm and calculate the sts/10cm. That works just fine. You may well be on the correct tension if you aren’t counting those pesky edge sts.

If you’re getting too many sts/cm then the swatch will be smaller and you would go to larger needles.

Yes, thats the pattern. Thanks so much. I will certainly do that. Its a good tip. No more round necks after the last fiasco :frowning: What could go wrong with a V neck !!!

You might want to go a little bigger. Kids grow like weeds. I keep trying to stuff my 9 year old granddaughter down so she stays little, but it’s not working. Lol

Absolutely !!! I have gone bigger as winter is almost over. Thanx :slight_smile: