Hello everone thank u for helping me and solving ny queries
I have addi click needles problem is that while knitting the cord come off from the needle and my sts comes of from the needle
I cant return back the needle to the store warantee period is over
What should i do ??
If anyone could help

It is possible to buy just the cord for the Addi Click needles, if the cord part somehow broke. Do you have any picture of what happened?

I will search if i can buy the cord seperately
No i dont have any pic of what happened
The cord came off and sts came out from there
Again i have to knit from the begnning

The cord is having a metal part at the end. Do you mean that the metal part came off? Or do you mean that the metal part does not click into the needles?

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Metal part does not click and even ig it click it opens up as im knitting

How about a dab of jewelry glue to glue it back together? Google which glue works best to glue plastic to metal or plastic to wood, depending on your type of needle. I just bought Knit Picks circulars that weren’t even connected! They fell apart right out of the package. Now I have to make another trip to the store where I bought them.

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Can you determine which part is at fault, the connect on the needle or the one on the cable? Use a good connecting needle or cable to determine this. Then I would send the defective part back to Addi, warranty period or not.

Connecting to the needle has a problem
I just wrapped a cello tape on the needle and on the cord so it stays connected while im knitting

I know this is an old post, but I’m pretty sure that Addi needles come with a lifetime guarantee. If the retailer won’t help you, try the distributor in your country, or write to Addi in Germany.

See “What if I have a complaint?” on this page: