Is there any way to use straight needles on a circular needle pattern

It depends. I’m going to assume that you are referring to something knit in the round and not back and forth in rows. You need to create one or more seams, 2 side seams on a sweater, 1 back seam on a skirt… Then you need to add 1 stitch to each side of every seam (a sweater with 200 stitches circular would have a front and back with 102 stitches each. Then you have to convert every other round to a back side row - stockinette in the round is k every round, it becomes k one row, p one row.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. My name is Jackie and I have just joined tonight. I have been knitting for years but basic plain jumpers, socks and Christmas anything. I love Christmas! Will definently have a go now. Thank you

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Welcome to the forum. What pattern are you considering? Why do you want to knit it flat? If knitting in the round is a scary idea we can help you conquer it. Knitting in the round was scary for me but with help I got here I learned how to do it.

I prefer knitting in the round :blush: I hate the sewing up part of knitting flat plus when you knit in the round it knits up much quicker. Give it a try :blush:

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Here is another one preferring to work in the rounds. I am faster with knit stitches than with purl stitches so whenever possible I work in the rounds.

I agree with @Jo_Hamlett, just give it a try! It is not as scary as it might look like. :grinning:


Ok I am going to give it a try next week :blush::crossed_fingers:


Yes! I think you’ll like it once you get the hang of it. Knitting stockinette in the round is so much easier for me since I don’t have to do purl rows.

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For the longest time, I wouldn’t work anything flat. I preferred to do everything in the round! I just didn’t like doing seams – still don’t. I even had to convert a flat pattern to working in the round, which was not the best idea, looking back on it now. It was a vest and didn’t expand as much as I did over the years!

The best thing I can tell you is to take a class which requires you to do seams. This may take some time to find… but it is there! When shown how to do seams properly, you won’t fear it anymore. I took a class with Lucy Neatby on seaming and on cutting your knitting!! All very scary – but it really was very simple!

Join a local knitting group – having more experienced knitters around you to guide you along is the best. You need a live, in-person demonstration on what to do rather than a video. AND most important, you need someone to watch you work to give you feedback before you pick up more bad habits!

Everything is simple – once you know how to do it!