I have not knitted for many years and I have decided to try again. I have a VERY OLD pattern for a child’s Aran jacket. However it states needles sizes 8 and 6 which look far too thick for the wool . My needles are mm What size is Aran wool generally knitted on please .

Aran is generally considered either worsted or slightly heavier than worsted. The needle size you’d use is dependent on your own gauge. You’ll want to do a gauge swatch to try and match the gauge/tension in the pattern.

Here’s a few helpful links.

Thank you for taking the time to help me, I am very grateful

A size 8 in the US is 5 mm in most brands. A 6 is 4 mm, I think. Those are pretty common sizes for body and ribbing with worsted, respectively.

Thank you Becky , it is soooo long since I did any knitting that I was confused, lovely to know that experts are at hand on this forum to help . I am sure that I will be needing your help again soon . Thanks x