Needles - Straight & DPNs

[COLOR=“Magenta”]Sock DPNs SOLD – sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 — sizes 1 & 2 1/2 still available, as well as straights :)[/COLOR]

My sweet Mom-in-law bought me some needles and a gift certificate for Christmas. I don’t need these and would like to sell/swap them:

Clover Bamboo US13 (9mm) 10" and US10 (6mm) 14" – $5/pair or $7 for both pairs

Also, I thought I would try socks, but I’m not enjoying the process, so I’m selling/swapping all the sock DPNs I have:

They are all Brittany Birch Needles and are all unused except the size 3s:
Size 1

Size 2 1/2

Size 3

These are the only ones that have been used

Size 4

Size 5

Size 6

DPNs - $4/set of 5 (retail: $7/set)

I can combine sets :slight_smile:

Thanks – I take PayPal :slight_smile:

PM’ing you