Needles staining my yarn

Hi I was hoping someone could help, I purchased a pair of knitpro zing circular needles to make a blanket for my daughter’s birthday. After using them for a wee while the paint or whatever it is is wearing off the needles and staining my fingers and also the yarn. I’ve never had this problem with other knitpro needles so am wondering if I’ve purchased copies or just unfortunate. Has anyone had the same problem and know how I could cover them so I can finish without more staining. Thanks :blush:

I don’t have knit pro, but I’ve not had it happen with any needles. I suggest calling or emailing the manufacturer or wherever you purchased them.

Though admittedly it is not a solution you should have to pursue, if all else fails I’m sure a coat of clear nail polish over the needles (if hopefully only the solid needle bit and not the string bit is doing the staining) should do the trick. I’ve never had this problem with any knitting needles, but a coat of clear nail polish is what I use to protect my cheap rings from tarnishing. You will need to do another coat every so often as it will wear off, but it’s a fairly inexpensive option as there should be lots of places around where you could find cheap nail polish. Hope this is helpful if you decide to go with it (though I would still agree with Jan_in_CA about contacting the manufacturer).

Thankyou both for helping I have contacted the seller but nothing back as yet. I will definitely try the nail polish idea thankyou so much :blush:

No problem, happy to help!

Hi Clare,
I’m so sorry to hear about the knitting needles staining your yarn (and fingers). Sounds like a nightmare. Definitely contact the seller or Knitpro directly. Maybe they will send you another pair that won’t bleed color onto your work. I hope everything works out for you.


I would also try to contact the manufacturer because ultimately it’s an issue with the needles not the person who sold them. The seller may replace them though, but that’s not a given.

I was thinking about this and I know of people who’ve had yarn stain their needles, but not the reverse. So odd!