Needles question

Hey all -

So I am looking into buying some interchangeable needles because I feel like now I feel confident enough in my abilities that I can make pretty much anything. My question is what type should I get. I don’t really want Addis, because they are just way far out of my price range. My favorite to date are knit picks nickels. Another problem I sort of run into is that I make a lot of hats that need to be done with a 16 inch circular (maybe a could use magic loop?). I know that the Denise set has a cable that makes a 17" but I really prefer the cables on Knit Picks. I guess if worse comes to worse I could buy the 16 inchers individually…they aren’t too badly priced on Knit Picks…

Any thoughts? :eyebrow2:


Most interchangeable sets have too long a needle to comfortably make a 16" circ, that’s why KPs offers them separately, and the needle part is shorter than other needles so they work with a shorter cord.

You have to buy the 16" ones separately because they don’t come in the set as far as I know. I LOVE my Options.

You will hear complaints about them, but remember that people who don’t have issues don’t post about it so don’t think everyone is having issues with them because you read more complaints. They have great customer service when a problem does arise, too.

My next question, should I go with nickel (which I know I like) or try the acrylics which have bend to them?

Trust your instincts more. You know you like metal needles, you know you want the KP cables, you know you can’t afford the Addi set, so I’d say just get the KP nickle needles. Why bother looking into acrylic, given all that? You might also look into the HiyaHiya needles.

Yep, if you like the nickle go with nickle. If you want you can get a set of acrylic tips to test out though. They might come in handy for some types of yarn.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: No complaints here. I’ve bought 3 sets of KnitPicks interchangeables - 2 nickel plated and 1 harmony. I use the nickel the most. I love them and they do have great customer service. I haven’t bought any of the 16" fixed needles, cause I prefer to use magic loop or 2 circs.