Needles! Most economical option?

So, I’m getting ready to try my first sweater. I know I WILL have to buy new needles because I really don’t have many yet. And I know I may have issues with gauge so that may mean additional purchases.

So basically, trying to figure this out, I don’t know if it’ll be better for me to buy a interchangeable set like KnitPicks Options or just to buy separate needles. I’m a little nervous that if I buy separate needles I might not use the ones I buy very often (cable lengths, sizes, etc). So I’m leaning toward the interchangeable.

Any opinions? Am I thinking about this correctly or just worrying about it too much?

I think an interchangeable set is the way to go…for me it saved money because I didn’t have to keep running out for different sizes of needles or different cable sizes :thumbsup:

how can you be worrying TOO much!?! :wink: Not about knitting purchases! IMHO, I think an interchangeable set is the way to go. I have the KP Harmony set and love them. I had to buy size 13 circs and 15 circs just recently though and just bought some Addi Turbos since they were right at my LYS and didn’t want to wait for an order to come. But the set of Harmonies were $70 and the 2 Addis I bought came to $40. They aren’t interchangeable, so only one cable length and, well, I think that can be limiting. I like them fine enough to knit with, but…$$$.

Plus my Harmony set colors just make me smile.

A very low-cost option, that I recently went with, was to buy Heather bamboo needle sets off ebay. I bought short (5in) dpns and 9in straights. For $25, including shipping, I now have 14 sizes of each - which, for me, means I can at least swatch or TRY almost any pattern, then keep using the bamboo, or switch to my “nicer” needles, which for me are my knitpicks harmony.

see some listings here but I haven’t seen or tried the circs, so I can’t speak of them.

I also think interchangables are the way to go. If you don’t want to spend the money on Harmony’s you may want to think about the Denise interchangables. They are less than $50 and give you Size 5 - 15 tips and several cable lengths and connectors to make the ones you get with the set even longer. Also they come in a compact hard case that keeps the tips and cables safe and organized. They are resin so no problems at airports. Also being resin they have a bit of “grip” and the stitches stay where you want them to. The BEST news is that if you purchase them from this site you will be supporting KH. Check the KH store! Just my opinion… good luck!

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I guess I will invest in Interchangeable needs of some sort. I have tried the Knit Picks options nickle plated ones (which I liked). Are the harmony ones that much better?

And I’ll take a look at Denise too. I like it being cheaper, but it’s not THAT much cheaper. Not enough to make that much of a difference at least.

The harmony options aren’t so much `better’ as just different. Some people find the metal ones too slippery with some yarns, the harmonies are wood so a little more grabby, but not as much as regular bamboo ones. If you like the metal ones you might go for them.

I own the harmony, the nickel plated, and the Denise. The Harmonys are far and away my favorite. I was amazed at the weight difference between the Harmonys and the nickel plated. Feels like I have no needles with the Harmonys, haha

I also have the Denise and the Harmony needles, but not the nickel. I also notice that my Harmony needles feel so light and for the most part my Denise set gets no use. (In fact, I just passed them on to my Mom who is just learning to knit.) I no longer get the wrist fatigue that used to cut down on my knitting time… and we all know we don’t like anything to take away from knitting time!

I bought the Denise set to save money, but I know now that the few extra dollars was worth it for the Harmony needles. I loved the Harmony needles so much that I even got the cable, sock, double-point and several of the fixed circular needles.

Options are probably your best option. But that’s just my opinion on the Options option.

When I first started I bought the Denise interchangeables and love them. But I soon learned I needed more but didn’t have the budget. So I started hitting the thrift stores. Every so often I would find a pair and buy them usually for $1 or less. Then I hit the mother load! I bought 28 diff. size circular needles, 5 sets of dbl pointed needles and two sets of straight for $10. I was so excited, my family thought I was crazy, but it just made my day!!!

personally i like the U-nitt needles from Ebay
reasonable prices nice and smooth needles

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I ended up purchasing a Knitpicks options set after hearing the local store’s interchangable set sells for $99. I have no idea what brand it was. Anyway, hopefully they get here soon so I can try some of these babys out! :slight_smile:


I am an eBay shopper & found fantastic deals on Addi Turbo’s, they are the genuine 100% real deal.

Have fun!

I have had my options for almost a year now. I love them to bits. This time on my shopping spree I bought one of the Harmony needles. I wanted to see the difference. I got the size 8 I thought that is the one I use the most. I just don’t know I like the Harmony needle so I just might buy them one by one. That way I don’t get the price shock, I am on a very strick budget. So have fun knitting on your new needles. :waving:

I think you did the right thing getting some Options! You will love them!! I tend to still pick up my other needles when playing with yarn to test our different stitch patterns just because it’s easier to slide a straight needle out than change the tips on the options … but when it comes to actually knitting, my options are hands down my faves.