Needles for lace

Not being a big fan of circs, I am looking for suggestions for pointy tipped straight needles on which to knit lace. What do you like to work on?

I work all lace on circulars, but then again, I do everything on circulars.

Bryspun needles are great for lace. So are Susan Bates needles.

But, if you’re knitting a shawl that increases and the number of stitches is constantly growing, you might need circulars, or 14" straights. I doubt you could get by with a 10" straight for a shawl.

I love the knitpicks circulars or options (depending on size) for lace. The pointy tips make it so easy!


It might be worth checking out e-bay for Aero needles. I use mainly straight needles and have found these to be the best - they’re pointy and sturdy without being heavy. Knitters here have been using them since Adam was a lad.

They were great when I did a Fan n Feather stitch matinee coat - I go to e-bay first if I’m on a needle hunt both for straights and DPNs.

Good huntin’