Needles for a beginner

As a newbie, what needles do you recommend that I buy? I have seen sets of stainless steel and bamboo needles on Amazon. It seems like it would be cheaper to buy a set then buy a pair of needles every time I start a project. What kind do you recommend? The single set of needles that I have now are stainless steel.

When I’ve taught beginners classes, I’ve always recommended bamboo needles when first learning. They tend to “hold” the yarn better and aren’t as slippery as metal ones.

It all depends on which feels more comfortable for you.


Comes down to necessity. There are bamboo, metal as well as plastic needles. Bamboo needles are quite comfortable in using imo.

When I started I bought Clover bamboo straight needles. I actually bought some cheap ones that came from China and they were not smooth and caught the yarn.