Needles :cheering:

since i started knitting ive had limited fundage… so ive been working on acrylic needles and plastic… i was happy with the plastic ones but the acrylic made me mad… it didnt slide and it worked looser than the plastic… and its just crap … anyways… this weekend my sister gave me 3 sets of aluminum needles and i bought 5 more sets… i have to say its like knitting with milk chocolate… all smooth and nice … i love them… they slide well (i have a calaus on my finger and a bruise on my leg from all the times ive had to dig in to push the needles so the yarn could move and now i dont have to its all slidey goodness… and im just very happy and i thought i would share SLIDEY GOODNESS :cheering: :inlove: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: Woohoo! I know the feelin’!

Do I psychically predict a Boye Needlemaster in your future? :thinking: Hmmm… :wink:


Congratulations! I much prefer my aluminum needles to the plastic ones.

We’ll have to call Mr. Webster & see if he can include SLIDEY GOODNESS in his next edition! :thumbsup:

Oh God! I KNOW you’re talking about needles! But…with my mind living 30m below the gutter… :shock:

i posted this yesterday but aparently it ran away lol
i dont like circular needles… ive tried and tried but i dont like them… im trying to trade the ones i have to my aunt for some strait needles… :blush:

lol im sure its there already… i ONLY use the most correct phrases,grammer & spelling :rollseyes: lmao lol

Oh me…oh my…i :heart: :heart: :heart: love the circs…wish i could find a way to do everything, well…maybe not everything with circs…but I’m still loving them…of course, i’m a knitting fool…i :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: all things to do with knitting…yarn and all things misc.!!

Gotta chime in and say I also LOVE circular needles. I have yet to knit anything in the round but I still love using circulars. Only thing that stinks is my Wal-Mart only carries 29 inch and many of the patterns I’m interested in right now call for 16 inch. :crying:


Then Emily :?? …U should order some Denise interchangeables!!! Or…if u could afford it (which is what I would do…even tho I have and love my denises…)u should order every needle size and cord length in addi turbos…ahhh…to dream…now there u have the bentley of circular needles!! But I only have 1 set of those that I used for a special scarf project…So, if u can’t get this loan from the bank for ALL of the addi turbos…go foe the Denises…u know we all LOVE :heart: :heart: :heart: them!!
Have a great week

I will have to look into the Denise Interchangables. I’m so new to the knitting world, I have no clue what they are. I have a feeling though that they are probably something that is out of my budget.

Here u go, emily…
and try egay and look around
if u google them u will find a lesser price, i bet
here u go on ebay
have fun

Oh I soooo want those! Thank you for the links! Hmmm…wonder what I could sell to raise the money for those! :thinking:

My mom got me some nylon needles, (circs) for Christmas…I think they were like from the 40’s or something…O L D…and once they lost their coil…these things are AWSOME to knit with…I have since thrown (lost in the abyss) the package away…but she got it at the Hospice store in her town…now THEY are smooooooooothh :thumbsup: