Needles and yarns?

I just checked out the prices for the harmony wood needles and they are expensive! I have been using the bamboo needles and love love them. However I just received my set of Susan Bates nickel plated double point needles and I love the feel of them.

Now I have a question! I am going to begin knitting socks but I don’t have a circular needle. Can someone suggest what I should start with? This is only my 3rd project, so is a standard size 3 of 4??

AND what is the best yarn to use for socks??? There are so many to choose from.

PS: I found great deals on Amazon for yarn and needles from private sellers.

For knitting socks…for magic loop style of knitting socks, the cable should be very long and very flexible.

You can also knit socks using a set of 4-5 double point needles, commonly referred to as [B]dpn[/B]'s.

I’m not a sock knitter personally. I’m sure others will weigh in on their favorite style of knitting socks, and the needle brands they prefer.

IF I were gonna start to knit socks, I’d use Knit Picks Harmony dpn’s. If I got really good at knitting socks, maybe I’d invest in Signature Needle Arts dpn’s. I’ve seen Eunny Jang knitting socks using them…and they look fantastic.

When you say “very long” though do you know how long?

The longer the better. I’d personally purchase no less than a 40" circular first magic loop sock knitting. Maybe some use 32"…but I’d get 40"…maybe longer.

Generally socks with sock yarn are mostly knit on size 1s and 2s I think, but sometimes on 3s, it really depends on your gauge. To magic loop them, I think a lot of people use 32", but some do like longer ones.

As I said in the other thread you have to take into consideration how many sets of needles you get in those sets. They really are cheaper in the long run. Add up the cost of separate needles and you’ll see what I mean. Plus the sets are easier to store.

Anyway… what size needle you use for socks depends on the yarn and your own gauge. I use a size 1 for socks made with fingering weight (sock weight) yarn. Heavier yarns would require larger needles. Socks are generally knit tighter than you normally would so they are sturdier and don’t wear out so quickly.

You have choices of methods when knitting socks or anything in the round. Magic Loop, 2 circular needles, or DPN’s (double pointed needles). I have used all three and my preference is ML with at least a 32 inch cable, preferably a 40 in. I find the longer ones put less stress on cable joins.

Thank you so much. You just saved me from wasting money!!!

I don’t much care for 40" long ones, there’s too much cord. Many people use 32" or 36" for socks on magic loop.

For knitting socks, can I use the magic loop method on double pointed needles?

No, magic loop is a technique that uses long circular needles and if you use dpns you just use the needles. Look at the videos for knitting in the round at the top of the Advanced Technieques page. That should help you understand better.