Needlepoint graph question, sorry

does anyone here know of a good site where I can put a photo onto a graph?

I have a lovely b/w photo of a painting of my old horse, and I’ld like to do it in needlepoint.

but I have to resize the photo, to work on a needlepoint canvas, and get it so its all in porportion.


That’s a wonderful idea. See if the suggestions on this site help.

thanks! I
’'ll check it out. I’ld like the finished piece to be about 12x15 (or maybe a bit bigger.)
and if I’m REALLY ambitious, one in black/white, and one chestnut, his real colour.

he was a very fine horse and I miss him a lot.

I hope this works out. Horses can become such amazing friends. I can see that you would miss him.