i am working on a pattern and it calls for size 10 us needle and when i cast on the stitches it fits but when i start knitting it bulcks up . if you have any pointers e-mail me please it will help me so much

I’m not sure what you mean by “buckles up.” Can you clarify?

Also are you using circular needles or straight needles? What are you making and how many are you casting on?

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i am using a straight needle when i slid the yarn down and make room to knit it not flat or straight i am casting on 90 it a blanket

You mean your sts are twisting around the needle? That happens a lot when you have a large number of sts on the cast on. After you knit a couple more rows they straighten out; make sure you don’t knit them with the twist in them.

this is what i mean in the pic is this sposed to happen

please help me

It looks fine to me. It can happen when you have a lot of stitches on the needle. Once you have gone further and have some fabric on there it’ll smooth out again.

BTW… if you are doing stockinette…knit a row and then purl a row, etc. without doing a border it [U][I]will[/I][/U] curl. That is the nature of stockinette. There is a thread at the top of the page in the How-to Forum (this one) that is just for that. :thumbsup:

It’s fine, you have more sts than will spread out on the needle, but as long as they don’t fall off easily, you’re okay. After it’s longer the part further away from the needle will lie flat – except if it’s all stockinette, as Jan mentioned. Every 4 or 6 rows, do a knit row on the purl side to help keep it a little flatter, though that may not quite be enough.

I usually use a circular needle when I cast on that many stitches. Don’t join in the round, just knit back and forth as if they are not connected to each other.

just to put it in different words:

your needle is not as long as the blanket will be. So you are crushing the stitches onto that “stick” and they cruble a little. Just as pushing a curtain on the curtain bar to one side :wink:

you can use circular needles to have more room (and still knit back and forth) or you can just live with it.

It really does not do any harm.

Just knit the stitches on the order they belong (if you are a lose knitter or your needle is thinner in the back stitches sometimes cross over one another) and as suzee said: don’t twist them (only an issue for the first 2 or 3 rows). you will see that the fabric you create is a flat fabric. No problem.

have faith in your knitting and give it a chance!