I have a basic hat pattern that only lists materials of 1 ball Noro Silk Garden, size 8 16" circular needles, but, I want to use Patons SWS yarn (the color is beautiful). The info on it reads Medium (4), 4 X 4 inches 17 S, US 9. What size of needle do I use? And, in general, do I use the needle size on the yarn vs. the needle size on the pattern? :??

Patons colors are so pretty!! Does the hat pattern give you a gauge? I think you could use the Patons SWS in the Noro’s place…as long as you can get the gauge of the hat :happydance:

I would do a swatch and see what size needle you need to get the gauge listed for the hat. I don’t know the gauge of silk garden, but if it’s different you might have to adjust the needle size.

The pattern does not give a guage. It just says “try it with different yarn and needles sizes. Just be sure to change your gauge to accommodate the difference.” It’s the basic hat free pattern from Still confused.

If you want to use that pattern I would definitely do a swatch. I found Patons SWS seemed more like a heavy worsted. You should also know that it’s pretty fuzzy. :teehee:

How will a swatch help if I don’t know the gauge for the pattern? Please explain further.

You could try to estimate your desired head circumference… for example if you’re going for 21 inches, and your gauge is coming in at 4 stitches per inch (which I believe is what your label is saying… 17 S being 17 stitches, over 4 inches, if I’m reading it right), then you’d want to cast on 84 stitches (21 inches x 4 stitches/inch = 84 stitches) assuming you use the size 9 needles and get the same gauge as on the yarn label. You may need to adjust for whatever repeat you’re doing. For example the pattern you’re looking at asks you to do a K3,P3 ribbing… so you want to make sure you cast on a multiple of 6 stitches.

Size 8 needles will give you just a little bit denser fabric than size 9… and that’s not a bad thing for a hat! I would do a swatch with the size 8 and see how it comes out.

Yes… now I understand. Thanks. :slight_smile:
One more question… should I make the circumference a little snug, or just right?

Usually you want the beginning just a wee bit snug so the hat stays on. Try both the 8s and 9s on with the SWS and see which you like better.

Thanks to all! I’m outta here. :out:

I’ve just been answering on your other post, and found this one as well. I looked at the pattern, she uses the same # of stitches for a hat made out of chunky yarn as for a hat made of Silk Garden, which is about 20 st/4". I honestly can’t see how she could make a hat for an adult out of silk garden using only 66 st. I’ve knit a lot with silk garden, never a hat, but scarves and fingerless gloves. For the gloves I co, I think, 32 sts (maybe 36), and they are a snug fit for an average female. Unless a head is the size of 2 wrists, it’s not going to fit unless you are using enormous needles (I’m Canadian and use metric, and have no idea what size 8 needles are and I’m too lazy to get up and check my needle gauge). It looks like a nice pattern, I just don’t see how it could fit and adult head.

It didn’t fit. I finished it (using 66 cast ons). It will look great on a small child. I did use the size 8 needles. I changed to size 9 and then my latest cast on was 72. For some reason, this fits my head fine. Still a mystery.

US size 8 are 5 mm, which would be fine with Silk Garden, but you’d need 7-8mm with chunky yarn. I’ve been making hats and using a 10-10.5/6-6.5mm and about 60-70 sts for a CO with worsted yarn and they’re coming out about right