Needle/yarn help

Hi. I am trying to make baby booties out of an acrylic/mohair/poly blend yarn and I am using size 2 bamboo needles. The yarn is sticking a lot on the needles and not moving very easily. I know I am a tight knitter, but does anyone have any ideas as to what types of needles might work better for this type of yarn? Thanks.

Amy’s suggestion of using wax paper to rub the needles with works fairly well, but I swear by metal needles. Every pair of wooden/bamboo needles I own (all, like three of them because I stopped buying them a long time ago) ultimatly drove me to distraction with all the yarn snagging and catching and not sliding. I made some fuzzy baby booties made from what sounds like very similar yarn and couldn’t imagine doing them on anything but metal needles.

I agree - metal needles work best for acrylic and acrylic blends. Bamboo is great for ‘slippery’ yarns.


Thanks so much. I think I will be off to get some metal needles. I appreciate the help!