Needle Type

What are your favorite needle types?

I prefer straight. I learned knitting with them and used circs twice, but that didn’t work for me.

i use circs for almost EVERYTHING.

I meant to vote for interchangeables but voted for straights by accident, d’oh!
I <3 My Denise set…

I really like my Boye NeedleMaster. I like them better than reg. circulars because there is more needle. I want to get the Options soon, they sound good. nickel plating, hmmm…

I said circs because I don’t uses straights at all. I rarely even use dpns I use circs (both normal circs and interchangables) for everything.

I voted interchangeable. Second would be circs. I don’t like using straights at all any more!

I voted interchangeables since I’ve got two sets, but I like plain circs too.

I don’t think I’ve used a set of straights more than once since I got my Boye’s set. They made my hands sore from trying to hold them up!

I chose interchangeables because I love love my new KP Options and I like my Denises…but, I love all of my circs…I have no need for straight needles.

I voted straights, but it was hard to choose between that and circs. Over here where I am, we don’t have much choice in needle types to be honest. At least in the region where I am we don’t… The local craft store (spotlight) has a limited selection of needle types and I’m really not fond of the circulars they do offer. I’d love a pair of really nice quality circulars, but I have no idea where to go to get them??

I voted for Interchangeables. 6 months ago I would have sworn to you that I would only knit with bamboo. I think my bamboo circulars are still my favorites, but ever since I got the KP Interchangeables I have fallen SO in love with them. They just glide!! Next month I’m buying the larger sizes that didn’t come with the starter set and either the dpn’s or the smaller cables (and more zip bags and end caps)!

I have a lot of straights because I bought them when I first started (about a year ago) … but I have come to VERY much enjoy circular needles more so I have been slowy buying all sizes in circs … which is expensive because I :heart: the addi turbo’s ($$$) … but 1 needle at a time is the way I look at it!!!

DOUBLE POINTS!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I love me some DPNs. :XX:

Straights, but by a very slim margin. All of my different needles are so useful in their own ways.

I can’t seem to get on with circulars. Maybe it’s because I’m used to ‘holding’ the right needle under my arm - in fact, it seems to hold itself up.

Circs always seem to make logjams of stitches, bunching up on the cable before hauling themselves up on the the left needle. a bit like traffic over the Pennines on a wet morning.

Can’t be asked! -



I voted interchangeables.

I’m in love with my sets :heart:

Circulars, the short needle part fits my hands much better.


I have tons of straight needles that I’ve made, but I really prefer my interchangeables just because of the stitch room. I have some circs which I also like. I have Boyes but I hope to get Options soon.

Nadja :XX: