Needle Tips Interchangable?

Would any of you happen to know if the Boye needle tips will screw onto and work with the Options cables? If so, that would be great because I think Boye has one or more size tips that are smaller than Options. I had the Boye set before I bought my Options, but I did not like the cables. Nor, did the yarn glide smoothly across the connection. It kept getting hung up. I promply returned them and then bought the Options which I love.

No, I’m sure the threading is a different size on the different names. Each company has their own manufacturing process and I very much doubt they’ll work that way.

That’s what I’m thinking, but you never know so I asked thinking someone here might have both sets and could check it out.

No, they don’t. Not for lack of trying. :teehee:

fleggle (you could look up her blog of same name) who post on KR, took her Knit pick ‘cords’ (or was it her boye tips?) to a gun smith, and he recut the threads so they KP cords could screw into boye types… it was a dollar or two per set (now that i think of it, it must have been the boye tips…

gun smiths are skilled at retrofitting parts, and have tool/dye cutter to rethread gun parts (and they work well with needle tips too!)