Needle Tat?

Does anyone know what needle tat or shuttle tat is?

I read where they are giving classes on this and have no idea what it is. :shrug:

Tatting is a technique for creating lace using a shuttle or a needle.

I have never done it but it produces beautiful work
Here is a website I found with google.
Try a lot of thoes websites.


Finished products look amazing.

It may be too complicated for me, maybe I’ll give it a try when I feel comfortable with knitting.

I have needle tatted before and have a 2 booklet set that has AMAZING, EASY instructions for right or left-handed needle tatting. Let me know if you’re interested in them for cheap or for trade. Once I started knitting I’ve never looked back, so all my tatting stuff sits idle. I’d even throw in some threads. I just hate to see great craft stuff go to waste.

Tatting is a totally different skill set to knitting.

Knitting is weaving, tatting is knotting.

I’d also go for shuttle over needle, as needle can leave the tatting a little loose.

Brillant I love Google :heart:

:hug: Sharon