Needle storage



It’s really personal preference…it’s not like they need a lot of protection (unless you ever buy glass ones). Some people display them in a vase, some in cases and some loose in a bag. Up to you.

Whatever you do, DON’T bundle your needles together with a rubber band around them… the rubber will melt and never come off (except possibly when you’re using a very costly yarn)!

I keep my straights in a tall pasta container type vase thingy. It works pretty well, and it displays them nicely. Circs and DPNs…are all over my desk. That doesn’t work too well. :oops:

I keep the circs in the individual pkgs. That doesn’t work too well, because I have to pour boing water over them before each use. I’d love to find a good way to keep them flat.

You could use something like this for your circulars, I think it would help keep them uncurled.

[color=indigo]I knitted up a square about 14 x 14 inches. Thread the needles through it like sewing needles, roll it up like a jelly roll and tie shut with a ribbon. It works fantastically. Circulars I hang over the arms of my octopus lamp to help keep them uncoiled.[/color]

:muah: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR IDEAS! :notworthy: I did do the rubber band thing :wall: I was lucky the rubber bands didn’t melt to my needles/or hadn’t yet. I have a vase that I think will work, and look cute too. Also I have yarn… :rofl: … so I might make the 14x14 caddy…if I can ever get done with Chirstmas gifts!
Thank you all again,

My Denise set is in their case then the felted bag I made especially for the case.

My wooden and bamboo needles are all in a big, zip needle case while in another zip needle case are my alluminum needles (which I started off with). They all seem to be “happy” where they are stored. :hug:

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Thank you thank you thank you Thank you again!
I picked up my sticks, and put them in a vase! They are very happy there, and I am so happy to have a home for them!

Here’s a picky question… when you store DPNs in a vase or cylinder, do you put sand or anything in the bottom of it? I would think you’d want to protect the ends of the DPNs. I use mostly bamboo needles so I could see them getting damaged.

Here’s what I made out of tubes and a jar lid.I love it,It’s sits on me coffee table

well, if that isn’t just the cutest thing! :cheering:
I love it :heart:

Wow, Momwolf, that’s very clever. Much nicer than having them loose in the bottom of the knitting bag!

Can I steal your idea for my own use?


that is sooo adorable! :in love:

tubes? like cardboard tubes? with fabric around them? and u attach it to a fabric-covered lid? ohhh that is genius.

i’ve never been that great with doing anything with fabrics, which isnt really a good thing cus i’ve been saying for a while that i’d like to be a fashion designer :oops:

I just used emtpy tubes from my seal-a-meal bags.They are pretty thick.Then I cut to different sizes.Sprayed the tubes with a spray adhsive and just pressed the cloth on.Then I took a BIG lid that would fit all the tubes and put the cloth on the same way and lined the inside of lid with that foam for kids crafts.This is so needles won’t get damaged. Then I hot glued the tubes together so they wouldn’t tip over and put them in the lid.Then tied raffia around it and there you have it. :teehee: