Needle sizes

Having trawled througha fair few charity shops, craft stores and my Grans collection, I now have about 17 straight needles from sizes 3 1/4 mm to 8 mm.
How complete of a set do you really need/use, and what sizes are there? I need to think about saving up or something… :think:


I have so many sizes now. I have some from Mom, I bought some, plus I got some off of E-Bay REALLY CHEAP.

But to tell you the truth, I hate the the ones that are so skinny! I prfefer the ones size 7 on up!


laptop_knitter… It depends really on what items and what yarns you believe you’ll work on the most. If you loved making fine baby wear for example you’d want smaller sizes. If you love the big thick chunky yarns and want to make chunky blankets and jumpers etc then you go to the higher end. I think most people go with a general spread and tend to add to their collection as a new pattern need arises. I have very little in the smaller end and I find they break so easily that I now avoid plastics for those if I do buy. I have tended to find I use 6’s a lot and anything from there to tens.

Oh… I would suggest you do get some cable needles if you want to make cable patterns. I have often found these very useful although some folks here use alternatives.

Yeah, been meaning to get some cable or dp needles when possible - lots of patterns to try!

I have two needlemasters sets, one is mine and the other was my mom’s. I bought double points and now they collect dust because I discovered Cat Bordhi’s book “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles”. It taught me how to use two circulars to make anything eliminating doubles for me.
You need to find what works best for you and I really love my circular needles.:yay: