Needle size

I am getting ready to start a short-row ruffled scarf which says to use the size needles required by the yarn. My yard says use 7-8 and I don’t know which to use–I hate yarn that gives you a range cause I knit for stress relief and am unable to make any decisions right now. Do I use a 7 or an 8? It’s Noro Taiyo yarn. Please help–can’t handle it today–NEED TO START KNITTING!!! For my sanity…

There is only a range because we all knit at different tensions. When making a garment it’s important to knit at the correct gauge so it will turn out the proper size.

For a scarf? Start it with whatever needles you want and if you like the fabric created then stick with it. If you tend to knit tightly, use the 8’s; loosely, the 7’s.

Gauge isn’t that critical on a scarf. Use whichever one you prefer.

I’d go with the 8 or even use a 9; gauge isn’t crucial for a scarf and you probably want it soft and drapey which you get with the larger needles rather than smaller ones.

I’d use the 8, because I tend to knit tight, plus it is better to have a bigger scarf than too narrow a scarf.

I would go with the 8. A bigger needle means bigger stitches and that means a scarf with larger stitches and is therefore more more comfortable around the neck. It’s a comfy factor.

Pull out your 7’s and your 8’s and set them next to each other, close your eyes pick up a pair and then start casting on. Scarves are really gauge friendly.