Needle size?

HI all! I’m making my very first blanket. I made a swatch and calculated the amount of stitches to cast on, which came out to be 175 stitches to cast on and I can’t remember how many rows off hand. My question is that I am using size 6 needles. Do I need a "round “needle”? It seems VERY tight with my needles… Any ideas or guidelines…??



If your stitches don’t fit on the needle, you might want to use a circular needle to knit back and forth. It’ll make your life easier. :wink:

That is what I thought. That way I can “enjoy” this project rather than get frustrated with it. Right now it is quite “crowded”. Will I be able to "transfer it to a circular needle from what I’ve got or will I need to start over. I haven’t done that much yet…


You can just knit the stitches onto the circular from the straight.