Needle Size?


What is your needle size?

Is there a regularly used needle size for everything?

On what basis do you change needle size?

How do you detemine what size to use for what?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is no standard needle size. You will develop a collection of many sizes and types of needles as you knit different projects.

Needle size is determined by the weight of the yarn (how think it is) and how tight or loose you want your stitches. This is called guage. Most of your patterns will tell you what weight yarn they used, what needle size they used and what their guage is. This is your starting point. The most important piece of information there is the guage. It will be given in how many stitches per inch you will want on your finished project. You will use the yarn weight and needles recommended to make a small swatch of fabric to check you guage. If you come up with the same as the pattern you are good to go. If your knitting is looser or tighter you can choose a needles size that will help correct that.

Another way to figure out the appropriate needle size is to look on the yarn label. It will give you information on the weight of that yarn and what needle they recommend using and they guage that will “usually” produce.

I am sure that is as clear as mud. But as you start working on your knitting it will begin to make more sense to you.

Vicki–I just want to say that that was an excellent explanation–not confusing at all.

Knitting–The pattern usually has a suggested needle size. Knit a swatch with that size needle to see if that’ll work for you. If your gauge is off, and it matters, you can change the needle size. I say ‘if it matters’ because if you’re making a scarf or blanket, gauge is not as critical is if you’re making a sweater.

If you use the wrong needle size, and you’re getting 4 stitches per inch even though the pattern calls for 5 stitches per inch, your measurements can be way off. For example on 100 stitches, a gauge of 4 stitches per inch will give you 25 inches of knitting. A gauge of 5 stitches per inch will give you 20 stitches of knitting on the same 100 stitches.