Needle Size?

Im going to be starting a Log Cabin Afghan and will be using homespun yarn that i have tons of…i don’t have a pattern persay im just going by these instructions for this Log cabin It doesn’t give a needle size so i was wondering what size i should use for homespun??Im new to knitting…this will be my frist big project so im still not sure on hook sizes for things :shrug: .


According to the suggested needle size is a US 10 (6mm).

BTW…bookmark that site…it’s very helpful for stuff like that and also finding comparable yarns. :wink:


That site will be lots of help…i will try the 10 and see how that looks…i guess i can allways go up if i need to.

Needle size, when there’s no concern as to gauge…such as with scarf, afghan, etc (they’re not fitted like a garment)…can oft times be a matter of personal preference and how loose/tight you knit. I’ve never used a recommended ndl sz as I tend to knit loosely AND I like a somewhat firm fabric. Thus, I’ll usually go down 3-4 szs. Good idea to work up swatches, in a few diff szs and feel them, wash/dry them, and see what looks best to you.


I’m the opposite of cam; I don’t use the recommended size on a pattern either, but because I like a loose rather than dense knit and will go up 3-4 sizes.