Needle size?

I’m still in the process of making my rag bag and I noticed online that many peop;le said for felted items use bigger needles than suggested, but this whole time I’ve been size 10!!! :thinking: Is this okay? Will it still turn out right? :oops:

I’m not familiar with the pattern, but I did a felted bag using size 10 1/2, and it worked great! Size 10 is considered pretty big, I’d say. Was that the recommended size for the pattern?

no, the recommended size for the pattern was size 13 needles, but then again I didn’t use the samn yarn as the pattern rag bag pattern

Oh, well this pattern isn’t for a felted item–if you’re doing it in wool and plan to felt it, you might want to do a swatch with the yarn and needles you’re using and do a test run of the felting on that swatch. Then you can see if it turns out the way you’d like!

oh i know it’s not a felted pattern, but i changed the pattern a little and doubled all the numbers. My plan was to felt it by “hand” (in my sink) instead of in the washing machine!!

Oh, gotcha! :smiley: Then if you’re worried I think you should test out a swatch to make sure it works and how much it shrinks, etc.–anyone else have experience in this? I’ve only done one felted thing so far.