Needle size v/s stitch count

I need help!!

I have gotten my stitch count for my project, but want to add ribbing. I know I need to decrease my needle size, but do I also need to adjust my stitch count? And if so, how do I calculate this?

I am making a hat, using a DK weight yarn.

Thanks for any help.

It depends on the style of hat you’re making. Usually it’s a good idea to decrease a needle size for the ribbing. Then many hat patterns switch to the larger size needle for the body of the hat. For a beanie, you may not need to decrease sts for the ribbing. For fuller shaped hats, it may be necessary.

You usually don’t use less stitched for the ribbing unless you’re going to make a beret or hat that’s full and slouchy. Just going down a needle size for ribbing will be fine.

This is great information. Now off to try this out!!!