Needle Size, sock fit question

Okay…so I’ve just finished my 4th pair of socks. I love wearing my hand-knitting socks, but I’m finding that they’re not quite the custom fit that everyone raves about and I need help fixing that.

The foot size is fine, great, wonderful. I think I need to go down a needle size for the ribbing so that it stays up better.

The big question is about the ankles. I’m afraid if I go down a needle size for the entire leg, they’ll be too tight…I can wear them fine as they are; they just slouch a bit.

But look at the ankle in this picture. Is that just a needle size issue (smaller for ribbing, larger for leg, smaller at ankle and gusset, larger for foot?) Or is it a matter of doing some math and taking out a few stitches approaching the ankle and down through to the foot?

Help. Following a pattern is something I can do. Knitting math isn’t my forte!!

Here’s the picture.

what type of pattern did you use? I find that that type of bagginess is more common with patterns that do not have a gusset in them so aren’t shaped around the ankle.

I love the how the yarn looks in the pattern. What’s the yarn and the pattern you’re using? Very pretty. I suggest going down a needle size. Another way to make your socks fit better is to subtract 10-20% stitches after you’ve calculated your gauge. For example:
If your foot circ is 8 and your stitches per inch of your swatch is 8
8 x 8 = 64 then decreasing 10%
64 x 0.10 = 6.4 so 64 - 6 = 58
By that math you should cast on 58 stitches for nice fitting sock.

One last thing… I would check your foot circ and your ankle circ to see if they are the same. More that likely one is different and you should use the one that is smaller when ou calculate your cast on stitches. I hope this helps.

It’s the garter rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn is Shibui Knits Sock yarn–superwash merino in colorway 323 (Peacock).

I was pleasantly surprised at the striped effect when it knitted up.

I love Schurch’s book! I’m not sure how many stitches you used to cast on but you can go down a set when you use her book. Most of the patterns are written not have any negative ease. That’s what makes your socks fit snug. So if you’re suppose to cast on 72 stitches, you cast cast on 64 and the socks will fit beautifully.

On the general sock pattern I have, it does not call for it, but I go down one needle size on the ribbing. I also have a small spool of elastic thread, that I got at my LYS. It is super-thin, and when knitted together with yarn during the cuff ribbing section, it does not change the gauge but adds a little memory to the cuff and helps it stay up.