Needle size help

Will fingering yarn and size 3 needles make a sock tht is too thin? I’m packing my knitting for a 10-day trip and don’t have time to do a gauge to see the result. Any suggestions appreciated. I want to use the size 3s because I don’t want to risk my options at the airport.

Fingering is about the same weight as sock yarn and most people use size 1 or 2 for socks. They need to be knit at a really tight gauge so they wear longer. Do you have a pattern in mind? Use whatever it says for the needle size.

As long as you’re within the US, they won’t take away your needles.

Most of the time they won’t take your needles for a domestic flight, and the TSA says they are allowed. But if you get an agent who determines that your needles are a risk, they WILL get taken. If you don’t want to possibly lose your Options, I wouldn’t bring them.