Needle size help

I have a set of denise interchangeable needles which I have not ventured to use yet .I purchased a book of Afghan patterns and I would like to start one . They all seen to use size 17 needles on a 29" or larger cord . My set of needles only go to size 15 tip and since I am new to knitting I wonder if it is ok to use the size 15 tips or do I need to buy more needles

17 is pretty significantly bigger than the 15 from my experience. if you are going to use a 15 you will have to alter your pattern quite a bit i think. almost all of the afghan patterns that i like require a 17 so it might not be a bad set to add to your collection.

Thanks I thought the same thing .
I am surprised that Denise does not make a point larger than 15 for all the Afghan patterns that are out there. Guess I need to try and find a size 17

boye doesn’t either. honestly if they did, the case they come in would either be pretty big or wouldn’t lay nice and flat like it does now (i am just speaking of the boyes) and i would probably leave them out anyway.

Hey are you using The Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans? :thinking: That book uses 17’s on all of its afghans. But on the subject of the needle size. You don’t HAVE to get 17 until to figure if the afghan will be big enough for your liking on the 15 that you do have. You could always do a swatch on the 15 and calculate how big the afghan will be if you use 15. If the final size will be okay with you, then you just keep with the 15. :wink: That’s a wonderful part about making afghans: they don’t have to fit anyone, so you can substitute yarns and needles as freely as you wish.

Yes that is the book I have . I have not decided which one to do yet . They are all so nice . I may just go ahead and do one on the size 15 needles and see the result I notice they are all done using 2 strands of yarn . I need to buy the yarn yet . I have never done 2 strand knitting .It should be fun.

2 stranded is easy and quick! :wink: So far, I’ve only made one out of that book. A second has been on the needles for while; I just haven’t worked on it for some reason. :?? Have fun yarn shopping !!