Needle size help

I am a new knitter, and am attempting to make a simple blanket. I have the right yarn for the pattern, but the wrong needle size - it says to use size 50, but I only have size 15. Is there any way I can still use this pattern? Can I just cast-on more in the beginning to adjust? How would I know how much extra to account for?

i don’t really know the exact gauge difference but it is a HUGE difference between a 15 and a 50. you will have to cast on a lot more stitches and still won’t get the same look that they are going for using such big needles (seriously they are about the size of logs!) You will probably need a lot more yarn than what they call for too. Gauge isn’t a huge deal in blankets because they don’t really need to fit anything but in some cases the difference really is way too much. I think if you are fairly new and trying to get the same size blanket as you are getting with size 50 needles you could get discouraged with how monotonous the knitting can be. 100 stitches is a lot to knit across it seems. i would think you would have to do about 300 or more to have the same width you would get with size 50 needles (that’s just as an example…hope it made sense.)

Oops I’m sorry, it says to use size 35, not size 50. Is that still a big enough difference that it will be too hard?

With the size 15s, I’d make a guage swatch using the pattern to measure how many inches per X amount of pattern repeats you get. (You can choose how many pattern repeats you want to test.) Then I would note out how many sts are in the pattern repeat. Calculate your desired size of the blanket to determine how many sts you should cast using the size 15s.

There is still quite a difference between size 15 and 35, so it might still end up looking different from the pattern picture. But I would worry too much about that because you’ll be able to see the difference after you finish the swatch, so you can determine right then if you like the pattern on size 15. :wink:

Hope that helps! :thumbsup: