Needle Size for sweater pattern?


Hi, I live in spain and have terrible wi fi and so registering with this site was fairly easy Drag and drop, i know you have to be careful but that is ridiculous. could only be invented by a man. I do bits of knitting. In spain we have huge bargain basement stalls where people originally throw their garments away. They get sorted in a huge factory, the best are sold on to market stall holders the rest is made into paper or whatever.

So I have knitted one or two really nice sweaters for my daughter in mohair but I am really stuck on one pattern.

She doesn’t like anything itchy near her chin and so as slashed necks are “in” at the moment, I just wanted a plain sweater - as the wool is a different shade of beige and a slashed neck.

So my questions is about needles…

  • “Circular knitting needle *16” and 24" or longer) and double pointed needles in size US4 3.5mm or
    or size to obtain guage

Circular knitting needles 16" and 24" or longer etc.

25sts and 33 riws.rnds = 4 inches in st st using larger needles. Take time to save time check your guage

Ha ha, well if I have to knit 33 rows and 25 stitches I might as well go and buy another pattern but its the only one I can find.

So my wool is two strands of wool joined together (sorry thats a bit of basic talking) any ideas what needles I should be knitting on (circular of course) I thought 7 but I stand corrected if someone thinks differently… but still can’t figure out why the designer didn’t tell us the size of the needles. Thanks Anne

Hi Anne and welcome to KnittingHelp!
I think this must be the pattern’

It looks like the main body of the pattern is knit in the round on size US4 (3.5mm) needles. The ribbing starts with size US2 (2.75mm) needles. The yarn is Telluride, a sport weight
The pattern calls for a gauge of 25sts/4 inches. I don’t know what weight yarns you want to combine, but knitting a gauge swatch is always a good idea. See what needle size gets you to the pattern gauge and gives you a knit fabric that you like (not too loose or too stiff). It takes a little time but it’s worth it.

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I’m sorry but I can’t see the reply box because the keyboard covers ITT. But if you can excuse typing thevwool is two ply meaning two strands of wool twisted to form one . I can’t understand the round needles either. Surely if you want to do a guage you would have a guess what round needles to do the guage. I have a number 7 circular needles so I could try and do a guage but still can’t get the point bof it all.

Hi Enna, Are you using a phone or tablet? I’m on a computer, but I can check my other devices to see if there is a way to make typing easier.

If you are using a different yarn than the pattern suggests it’s best if you stick to the same weight. I’m not sure what weight your yarn is because the description you used could apply to any weight. The pattern chose the needle size based on the yarn they used. If you use a different yarn then you may need different needles. Different yarn weight and needles will affect the size of the garment though.

So…does your yarn have a label? If so it probably tells you what gauge/tension it gets with a specific needle size. Can you tell us what that is?

Bear with me, yes I have a tablet. Which is why I have a problem. A lot of websites dont n Anyway, there is no yarn mentionied on the pattern wh

Oh blow it I will reply when I have calmed down but how did you know it was us size 3 because I think this is correct although I can’t see it on the pattern. Now I can go into Valencia tomorrow and get size 3. As I have been knitting the guage I guessed it was the wrong needles .I am so happy I can start now.

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The pattern does list the yarn used for creating the pattern. But why are you upset?

Glad you can start! It’s a pretty sweater!

:relieved: Go into a state of total relaxation and make a swatch. :relieved: