Needle size and stitch?

Hi, my name is Theresa! I am pretty new to knitting, I have crocheted many many projects but I just taught myself how to knit and love it already! Id like to make one of these so I am trying to figure out what needle size she might have used to make this wrap. And does that look like a garter stitch to you?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer! And if you know of any good places to buy NEAT yarn like this please share!

I’m pretty sure that’s crochet.

well if it is then that is even better but she talks about it as being knit and the ends look like the knitted stitch I have right here.

I would love it if it were crochet because I am SO much faster! lol

Yep, I agree with suz, that’s the backside of doublecrochet. Dang-nabit wouldn’t ya know it!!! Ya find a kewl thing and ya wanna try it out in yer newfound craftiness and, sheesh, it’s crocheted.:zombie:
Dontcha just hate when that happens??:waah:
Ah, but alas, all is not lost. Looks kinda like that recycled silk yarn (you know that stuff they make from recycled sari’s). It ain’t cheap but you could find something similar I would imagine. I would also use “OMG they are comin’ this way”, size needles (15’s or even larger) and just do the scarf thing in garter stitch (knitting every row)
Also, from looking at the pick a little bit more, it sorta looks like log cabin type construction (if you’ve crocheted those log cabin afghans you should be familiar with it).

If it’s a commercial fashion site, they often don’t truly know the difference between knit and crochet or use the term they’re more familiar with.