Needle sets?

I want to get a decent set of interchangable circular needles, preferably metal rather than bamboo. I need suggestions as to which brands/sets I should look into. I don’t want to spend a TON of money, but I want something decent that isn’t going to break on me or anything. HELP!

let me be the first in the looonnnggg line of needle suggestions…

Im a firm beliver in you get what you buy.

So I bought the Addi Click’s.

This does not fall into the catagory of cheap by any means but it does fall into the catagory of last a LONG time and they really do make knitting easier as they claim…for me at least (and thousands of other people)

I have a large selection of Addi needles and this was a serious complement to my collection. I went from boye interchangables to Addi Clicks…im in heaven…LOL When I pull a needle out I want it to be the last thing on my mind as far as ease of use falling apart ect. ect. And I have this with Addi.

Theres my 2 cents.

Hmm…there are only a few that I have heard of.

Boye NeedleMaster

Options Interchangeable Nickel Plated from

Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

and of course
Addi Click Interchangeable Needles

I have the Boye Needlemaster set and haven’t really had a problem.I’ve been using them for most of my Christmas knitting with no issues.Some people say that the join isn’t smooth enough on the smallest needles because of a weird shape in the join, but I didn’t have a problem.The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a bit of plastic around one needle from manufacturing that I removed with an X-Acto knife I had around for my models.(I make a ton of model tanks).I haven’t had another problem with the join,but some people say that they unscrew when you’re knitting.This might just be because they didn’t tighten them enough(comes with a pin and grip pad).

I’ve heard most people absolutely love the knitpicks needles.I’ve heard of the joins breaking a LOT but I have also heard that every one of those cases was fixed by the site.They always fix the problem and send you a new set.I think most of those were probably just accidents from over tightening or misuse.

The Denise Set has received quite a bit of mixed reviews.I’ve heard it on entirely different sides of the spectrum, but no specific issues.I think that most people don’t like them because they are plastic; at least, that’s why I didn’t buy them. Most of the people that do buy them love that they are completely safe for flying.

Addi Clicks are also very popular…but I haven’t been able to find any concrete reviews.Most of them just say they’re great but don’t really mention why. For this reason, I was never too interested in them.Maybe someone here will mention the pros and cons to this brand.My guess is a lot of people just kind of assumed they were great because they had paid so much for them XD as seems to be the issue with most overpriced things in life.

I got my set because I didn’t want to spend a lot and because I liked the needle sizes it came with-which is something you should look at when comparing sets. I didn’t like that some sets only came with size 4 or 5 as their smallest size and required that you purchase other sizes separately.Completely defeated the purpose of buying a “set” to me.

Also, Don’t forget about youtube! A lot of people post product reviews on there.

I have Boyes that I love, and some Addi’s that I cherish and adore. I’ve had the Boyes for over15 years, believe it or not and I’ve only replace the 9s once when there was a bizarre accident in which one side got bent. The Addi’s I use mainly for blanket making since they are hardy and as true as the day is long.

So, there is my two cents worth.

Apparently this topic comes up regularly. Here’s the thread I started on this topic exactly 2 months ago:

I’ve had my Options for about a month and love them!

Thanks for the replies so far ladies! My BFF introduced me to knitting and she says no go on the boye (dunno why, i don’t have any experience with them to know lol). I’d LOVE to get a set of addi’s but the ones i found online were $130! I’ll check out that other thread, too.

Thats a good goin price for those Addi’s …ive seen them at $170 and above.

Its heafty price…but worth it.

I have the KP sets in Nickle, harmony wood, and zephyr acryllic. I’ve had a few cables disconnect from the metal join, but I called customer service, and was promptly send new cables. I also have a set of Denise, and love it, too. I’m sort of a sucker from needle sets. I’m not supposed to know this, but I’m getting a Hiya Hiya set for Christmas. :slight_smile:

I think most of those were probably just accidents from over tightening or misuse.

Actually, that’s not the reason. No matter how gently handled, a certain percentage of the Options don’t hold up well. But Knitpicks is very, very good about replacing broken ones.

Options are great because when they work, they do work very well, they come in a tremendous amount of sizes and cord lenghts and fixed circs, etc., etc. The Addis are better made, not as versatile a line, but much more $$$

Knit Picks Nickel Plated interchangeables! :woohoo:

Love them, love them, love them!!! The set’s economical for what you get, isversatile with many sizes of add on cables in addition to the ones that come with the set, is wonderful to knit with, etc. etc. etc.

And YES there is sometimes a problem with a cable snapping but Knit Picks has the best customer service of any company I’ve ever seen and will immediately replace any thing that goes wrong.

Whichever you decide,

Happy Knitting! :hug:


Go to the websites and see what you’re getting for your money before you choose as well as asking what others think.

I’ve tried Boye and Denise and didn’t care for either of them. I prefer my Knitpicks Options. I like the way they knit, I like the thin cable and I love love the customer service. You will read about problems people have, but remember that complainers speak louder than those that are happy. Us happy people are busy knitting. :thumbsup:

I really like Hiya Hiya brand needles. The joins are smooth, the cables are really flexible, and they don’t have much nickel in them. I just recently purchased a small set of Hiya interchangeables. I was a little surprised that the company had failed to advertise the fact that these are really short needle tips. I sent a note to the company representative, and she said that there are plans in the works to manufacture longer needles that would fit the same set.

So, while I do recommend Hiya needles, be warned that the interchangeable set has extremely short tips!

Has anyone ever tried these bamboo interchangeables?

I have read good reviews of these needles along with another set of bamboo interchangables made by KA. I’ll find the link of a You tube video where one proprietor is explaining their set.
I have been following an auction on eBay, but it looks like the regular price is between 99 and 109 according to a search I did on the web. I’m intrigued as I like the feeling of bamboo.

PS I’m not affiliated with this business. I’m just interested and would also like to hear from anyone with any experience with these.

A decent set of interchangeabled, at a reasonable price, is KNITPICKS OPTIONS. Hands down, they are the BEST for the price!

I have the Boye Needlemasters. They are sold at Michaels and Joann, and they Cost $70, but you can buy them with coupons in the newspaper. When I bought them they only cost $35

Thanks guys for all the input. Being a newer knitter, I don’t think I’m ready to make the splurge for the Addi’s so I’m going to probably go with the KP Options when I get the money to do so. The Hiya Hiya’s sound interesting, but I don’t think I’d like the short tips, I like something longer to grasp.