Needle Sets

Can anyone reccomend a comprehensive set of bamboo needles? (Preferably for sale in the UK or by a seller who ships internationally).

I prefer the natural feel of bamboo, but can only seem to find individual needles or sets of 4 or 8 pairs.

With the metal needles the sets are larger.

Also, how many pairs are in a ‘full set’? I’ve googled for this but get different answers and I’m wondering if there are more answers with more needles?

I purchased these Bamboo Interchangeable circular Knitting Needle set and love them! They are very easy on my hands and the needles attach to the cord smoothly and very securely.

Good luck with your search!
anne [/color]

I have that exact bamboo interchangeable set and I got it from that exact seller at ebay. Delivery was fast and good as international deliveries go.

I’ve not actually used it yet but I do so love it. The cables DO seem a bit stiff on them but if you are not used to Addi “no memory” style cables these will be fine. It isn’t a “complete” set as such. To get a list of a “complete” set you want to look at something like Denise or the Boye Needlemaster or Knitpick Options for a list of what is included but these sets are resin (denise) and metal (boye and options). Boye is easy to get in the UK but Options are very hard unless someone will ship for you.

I have read about a bamboo set from Webs - I need to check that out, but I do know that Webs do ship internationally. The ONLY downside to my shipping from Webs was that the customs sticker was filled in incorrectly and the package was then held up at customs for FOUR weeks. The shipping was also incorrect and there was an amount to pay for additional shipping to the post office and customs VAT of course.

The webs set I’ve just looked up - it is incomplete and they are selling them off because they are incomplete. The link is and they do ship to the UK. You’d be better IMO with the “plymouth little sister set” which is the set from that ebay seller at 74.99 US $

With the conversion rate and the strength of the pound at the moment you are looking at a rate of around $2 US to the £ so around £38 for the little sister set which is a pretty good price. When I got mine the exchange rate was around $1.40 so it made my set fairly expensive!