Needle Review

Ok, after multiple threads on this topic, I decided to post a full review of all 3 interchangeable sets. Here Ya go.

Boye NeedleMaster:

1.) More Needles
2.) Smaller Case (you can store crochet hooks, etc in.)
3.) Metal Needles, many of us prefer those
4.) Zippered Case keeps everything inside

1.) Stiff Cables
2.) Needles may come unscrewed while knitting
3.) Needles may discolour
4.) Small bump at the cable join (not inviting for lacework or thin yarn)
5.) Threaded join may snap off inside the needle

Denise Kit:

1.) More cable lenghts to choose from
2.) Very flexible cables
3.) Stitches stay on the needle easily
4.) Thick cables are perfect for large pieces that weigh a lot
5.) Joins have almost no tendancy to come undone
6.) Are Great with slippery yarns.
7.) Can join cables to make almost any length

1.) Needles may be scratchy, with snaggy parts
2.) Needles are not color coded (not in normal sets anyway)
3.) Harder to knit with ‘grabby’ fibers

KnitPicks Options (no photo, sorry)

1.) Nickel Plate, making for extremely fast knitting
2.) Very affordable
3.) Nice, sharp tips (perfect for lace)
4.) Perfect cables for large objects and magic-loop
5.) So many choices you can get as many or as few as you want.
6.) Extremely flexible cables
7.) Great Little Case
8.) Imperceptible Straight Joins

1.) Sharp tips may snag with loose, bulky yarn
2.) Sharp tip may hurt your fingers if you push the needle too hard
3.) No size marking on needles, and not color coded.
4.) Nickel Plate may not be good with a slick yarn.
5.) Can’t join cables to make longer lengths (as mentioned by F.K.)

Cool, thanks!!

Don’t forget the Options extremely flexible cable! That’s a definite pro in my book!!

Ok, I’ll add that.

Thanks! I’ve been reading all the posts about the interchangeables in an effort to make up my mind- hard job! But having the pros and cons for each set all together is a GREAT HELP.

My pleasure! I’ll always help a fellow knitter. :clink:

Don’t forget the wonderful case you get when you order the Knit Picks Options set.
Nikki, who loves Options

Ok, I’ll add it

ETA If I forgot anything, post and I’ll edit.

Options pro: The joins are almost imperceptible.
Options (and Boye?) con: Can’t join cables to make different lengths

Denise pro: Can join cables to make almost any length (except 16’’)
Denise con: More difficult to knit with ‘grabby’ yarn/fibers.

I haven’t knit with the Boye’s, so I can’t give any opinion on those.

Boyes DO have connectors to make longer cables, but they can be awkward with the angled necks and the number of bumps at the joins will increase every time you add another cable.

Though this will be less of an issue as needle size goes up. It’s excruciating at the smaller sizes range. If you were up over a size 6, I’m sure it would be much less of an issue.

Would NOT recommend using a joined cable for Magic Loop.

Oh yeah. I remember reading something about that before.
Still, good to know. :thumbsup: