Needle recommendation

Hello fellow knitters! I’m very new at knitting and would like recommendations on brass/nickel circular needles…I have some cheap ones from the store but would like an interchangeable system I think…I do know I want some bigger needles; specifically a size 50 or 25MM and size 17 12MM. I want to use a reputable site and figured those here could guide me…Thanks for any help!!

I don’t think you’ll find any sets that go up to a 25 mm or larger. Usually they go from 4mm -10 or 12 mm. You’ll have to buy the bigger ones separately as singles I think. Anyway my recommendation is Knitter’s Pride Nova or Knitpicks Options. There are other brands of course, but these are reasonably priced nice needles. Knitpicks is mostly sold on their site, but Knitter’s Pride is sold at many reputable stores like and