Needle question

I am making this sweater (my first) and am almost though with the back of it (not the “Shape Shoulders” part yet) and wondered…was I supposed to be switching needles every time I was using the blue (CB)? I didn’t do that and now am thinking I should have since I casted on and knit 4 rows with the blue. Is it okay that I didn’t? Should I start now or should I just knit the rest of the sweater like the back? Thanks!

No, you shouldn’t have switched needles during the sweater. Sweaters almost always start with smaller needles for the edges to make them a little tighter so they don’t flare out. You did it correctly. :thumbsup:

Great! Thank you for the response. I will continue and hope it turns out well. I am doing this sweater for practice before I start on one for my mother in law for Mother’s Day (pattern “To Dye For” in Stitch-N-Bitch Handbook).

The best way to learn how to construct a sweater is to knit baby/kids sweaters. Small, but built the same way.