Needle Question

I have always liked bamboo needles. I am pretty new and had trouble the one time I tried a metal needle. But I just started my first felted clog and I am have to stop and push my stitches across the needles constantly. This is really slowing me down! :sad:

My stitches aren’t too tight and I am wondering if it is because the yarn is doubled. Anyway which needle would you recommend me trying?

I thought about the:

Addi Turbos
Knit Picks options - although they don’t have a size 13 in a 16 inch
Denise Interchangables

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

My preferance is for the Denise’s…especially for felted clogs. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:waving: I’m use my Boyes Needlemaster needles for the clogs I’m making with Cascade 220. The yarn just slides across the metal needles like…well, like yarn across metal needles. I used my Denise’s for a bit, but found them a bit sticky compared to the metal ones. YMMV. :star:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I like the slickness of the Options

Thanks for the responses.

One recommendation for each… guess I will throw a dart to decide!

I love the few pairs of Addi Turbos I’ve invested in. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes they can be a bit slippery, meaning the yarn sometimes slides over them too quickly and can fall off the needle. But, if you’re having trouble getting your stitches to move, that might help you.

I’ve never worked with Options or Denise. I second Boye or Addi. Also, are you knitting too far from the tips of the needles? That may cause your stitches to stretch too much and appear too tight. I once thought I was knitting too tightly, but later realized that my problem solved itself when I began knitting closer to the tips of the needles. Hope that helps.

Good luck

Denise are VERY sticky, I hate them (unfortunately they are what I have:waah:). I LOVE my ADDI’S , I just don’t have ENOUGH of them !!!

Lori, I have had trouble with bamboo needles when I knit in our WNC mountain home, where it is usually very humid. I think both the yarn and the needles absorb moisture from the air, they swell, and things get tight. Perhaps that is part of your problem.

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions :hug:
Because I didn’t want to wait on shipping for the Knitpicks and based on my one past metal needle experience, I was afraid I wouldn’t do well on the Addis, so I picked up a set of Denises today.

I have only knit two rows so far, but I was able to go so much faster by putting a smaller needle on the left hand side!:cheering:

Thanks again everyone!

:??Wait … you’re knitting with two different size needles? :?? I’m not so sure that’s the best solution since that’s gonna tinker with your gauge… :think:


I was using a smaller size on the left needle only. From what I have read, guage is only affected by the right needle.

for wool i like plastic. it doesn’t split the fibers as much as bamboo snags and metal pulls it apart.

:think: But your right needle will soon turn into your left needle once you complete a row. Are you swapping your stitches to the smaller needle every time your finish a row?

If you knit in the round, you don’t swap needles.

If I had just been knitting in the round, I wouldn’t have to switch the smaller needle - it would remain on the left. Since I was knitting short rows, when I needed to turn my work, I would pop off and switch the Denise needle heads. It didn’t take long, and overall my time was faster.