Needle Question

My pattern tells me in the “materials” section that I need size US 8 straight needles and a US 7 16’’ circluar needle. But, in the direction for the sleeves, it says “With MC and larger needles, cast on…” and mentions nothing about a circular needle, but also says nothing about sewing together the seems of the sleeves. Should I use the circular needles for the sleeves? And, if not, why was it included in the materials?

Thanks so much!

Gee, that sure doesn’t make any sense, does it? Did you look to see if there were any corrections online for your pattern? It is (unfortunately) a pretty common occurance and I try to make a habit just to check for corrections before starting any pattern. Hope you get your quandry sorted out!

what about a neckband, could circular be for that?

Yes, the sweater does have a neckband. I never thought of that. Hm…