Needle question

Also, I have one other question…I noticed on this site that the instructional videos (which are heaven to me as a beginner) she uses circular needles, are those easier to ue than the ling straight ones?


Yes, after knitting with straight needles for years, I started using circulars last fall and very seldom knit with straight needles any more. Even then I only use the 10" lengths.

I also really like using circulars for all projects. It is nice to be able to slide your work into the middle (on the cords) when you set it down – not as many worries about stitches falling off a needle. Also, for larger projects, the weight of the knitting stays in the center and not all on one needle.

I’m another straight to circular convert. I rarely use straights anymore–only for the smallest of projects.

I, also, used circulars instead of straights. Circulars allow you to knit in tight spots and small armed chairs and your work is less likely to try and escape will you’re sleeping.


i am a circ girlie…have never even used straights at all. :thumbsup:

wow, thanks ladies…I did go out this weekend and get some circ. needles and I must say I LOVE THEM!!! they are much easier for me as I have such small hands and short fingers I felt like a cluts with the long straight ones…I am having a blast with knitting…thanks so much